Video Converts More Than Text Alone (On Websites)

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In case you are still not aware, you should know that video converts more than text alone on website. So, if you want to increase leads and conversions, then you should start incorporating video into your text content.

Video is literally on the rise right now, and from the look of things, it will continue to go up. Experts have predicted that in the next one or so years, video will unbelievably account for about 80 percent of consumer internet traffic. So, adding videos to your text content will guarantee that there will be an increased number of eyes on you. And we all know that getting views is not enough. You actually need conversions.

The good news is that video converts. In fact, if you compare it to text, video converts better. This means that adding video to your text content will give a huge boost to conversions on your website.

There are so many reasons why video typically gets better results. 53% of people prefer video content over text content. Here are some of the reasons why video works and converts more on website.

·      More time

Of course, great text content can grab the attention of your visitors. However, it can’t grab as much attention as video would do. Whenever there is a video on a site, users spend about 80% more time on that particular website.

·      Better retention

Since viewers spend more time on your website watching video, this will work to your advantage. According to studies, viewers who watch a video can retain up to 95 percent of the information. This is higher than in the case of text content where readers retain only 10% of the information when they read it.

·      Higher traffic

If there is one thing that attracts viewers to your website, then it is a video. Companies that have added video on their business website see about 41% more traffic from search as compared to those companies that rely on text alone.

·      Increased information

Irrespective of how great you are at writing text about your service or product, it is still not the most effective way to relay information. Just a simple video passing on the basic information can be incredibly effective. More than 50% of people website users seek out video that is related to a service or product before visiting a store or making a purchase.

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