Why VR Video is Here to Stay

VR video is worthy of an investment. Traditional media are on the decline. Today, the percentage of the US population watching TV and listening to radio has significantly reduced as compared to decades ago. VR video content is taking over as the next generation of consumer media. So, it is here to stay, and you should prepare to see more of VR videos.

Every time you visit a website, you are likely to gravitate towards a VR video first for the obvious reasons that these videos are impactful, visual, exciting, and they typically put you in control. This is the same feeling and excitement that your consumers get when you have VR video on your company’s website. As if this is not enough, At Flash Film Media, we make VR video more useful to your business by adding the following features:

Live video: When you hire us, we will capture your business in the moment. Therefore, your visitors will get the real feel of what you really are and what it is like to actually be in your location.

Face to camera interviews: Adding sound to the visual feast is an excellent way to take your visitors on an interesting guide tour.

Info points/ hotpoints: These are simply areas of the VR video that your visitors can click on to allow them see more videos, hyperlinks, and text.

There are so many other reasons that make VR video the next generation of consumer media. All evidences show that VR video is going nowhere. Actually, it is taking prominence.

·      Motivates viewers to watch more

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 11.19.48 PM.png

VR videos motivate viewers to watch more. This means that viewers find it more interesting, informative and engaging. One thing that every company wants is to get its videos viewed more. And this is what VR video offers. So, it is certain that businesses will stick to VR for as long as it motivates their viewers to watch more.

·      VR video advertising

Many companies running advertising campaign now choose VR video. If you are asking yourself why, then you should know some statistics about VR video ad banners. Precisely, VR video ad banners have 70-300 percent increase in user engagement, and 30 percent higher repeated view rate. VR video ad banners also have 3 times higher conversion rate. So, would you rather use another media in your advertising campaign, or would you opt for VR video? This is why VR video is here to stay.