Video is Not Just the Future it’s the Now

Video is and will still continue to dominate digital marketing. And in case you are involved in any form of content marketing, be it seminars, white papers, presentations, or blogs and so on, and you haven’t been coupling it with video, then you should. This is because video is the future of digital marketing, and what’s more, it is not just the future, but it is the now as well. So, if you want to remain relevant and succeed in your business, you have no choice but to incorporate video in your marketing strategies.

Millennials are currently the largest demographic in Dallas Texas, and in U.S.A at large. Their consumer behavior and their presence are signaling a wave to company owners and business managers. If you have been watching them keenly, you have definitely realized that millennials want their entertainment and information fast, and at their convenience. Most importantly, they want their entertainment and information in video form. So, if you want to grab and retain their attention, you must incorporate video into your digital advertisement strategy. 

The fact that millennials prefer video for gaining information and for entertainment is enough proof that video is not just the future buts it’s the now.

Marketing industry has made it very clear that video is literally the leading and most important vehicle for visibility and information delivery. Here are some of the evidences that video is the now and the future of business and digital marketing.

  • About 50 percent of internet users often look for videos that are related to a service or product before they visit a store either online or physically. Therefore, if you are not posting videos of your product or service to social media platforms, YouTube, your blog, and or website, then you are really missing out a big deal.

  • Compared to plain texts, video is 50 times more likely to get the organic page ranks in Google. This means that using videos is a great way to optimize your website or blog for Google search engines. Using videos therefore increases your visibility. Remember that even if you are selling the best product or service in the world, your business will fail if you can’t be found because no one will buy it.

  • Based on statistics, marketers who incorporate video in their marketing strategies grow revenue 49 percent faster than marketers who don’t use video. 

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