Reasons Why VR Videos Are Great For Your Business

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Are you skeptical of virtual reality (VR) videos? There are so many reasons why you should embrace VR videos. 

Media is literally in the middle of pattern shift. In the literal sense, what used to be the radio is now a television, and what was once a television is now a smartphone. Failure to keep up with the pace of technology should be discouraged since it can have a negative impact on your business. Now, VR videos are here and you should take advantage of whatever benefits that come with them because they are the new generation consumer media.

VR videos are the entry to new marketing platform

If you ask any veteran marketer, they will tell you that you should always try new platforms on a regular basis and that is marketing rule. For instance, if you use Instagram for your business, your business will grow if Instagram grows. You need to join social media now if you haven’t joined. That way, you will grow when they grow.

The same rule applies here. Use RV videos so that when they grow, your business will also grow. Based on statistics, 70 percent of marketers who have used VR videos report that it helped increase engagement for them. By publishing VR videos and images on platforms like Facebook and VeeR, you are literally entering into another stream of attention. Utilizing VR video content on every platform that accept it will definitely results into more people seeing your posts. 

Unlimited possibilities for your viewers

A decade from now, we will look back and ask each other to remember the days when the internet was 2-D. there is no need to take 20 photos when you can take 1 VR photo to sum up all the information you intend to show. Actually, nothing can compare to a VR video that shows the viewer everything that is in the scene everywhere. When there is more information, the result is empathy and improved consumer awareness. Instead of taking a video or picture of an artist performing on stage, you can simply immerse yourself in a full 360 degrees of the concert. 

When you use VR videos, you can watch events such as keynotes and concerts, and you can also attend a sports event from any part of the stadium. By using VR videos, hotel customers can be able to view the rooms before booking. 

VR video media advertising

If you are running an advertising campaign, then VR videos can help you achieve desirable results. According to statistics, VR video ad banners have three times higher conversion, and have 30 percent higher repeated view rate.