Why You Need To Shoot Video In 4k

You have definitely heard it countless times that you should start shooting video in 4K but may be you are not yet convinced. That is probably why you are here. Well, you will hear it again here – you need to shoot video in 4k. But why? Well, there are so many good reasons among them include:

1.     4K capture generally looks better

Shooting video in 4K delivers better quality downsampled videos. Of course, capturing 4 times the amount of the information needed will not produce an image which looks 4 times better. However, the end result will definitely be noticeable better and sharper.

Shooting video in 4K is also a great way to reduce any chance of color bending since many cameras usually record 4K at a very high bitrate. This means that you will be capturing more color detail, which will greatly improve deep blue skies and other solid colors among other gradual changes.

2.     4K provides you with more options

You don’t really have to work in 4K for you to shoot video in 4K. 1080p is usually enough for many projects. The main benefit of shooting vide in 4K is the quadrupled resolution, which allows to zoom in more cleanly because a better source video is at your disposal to work with. This is great for cutting the images to close-ups, efficiently eliminating any jump-cuts entirely from your end product.

When shooting in 4K, you can be able to add or crop movement to any shot of your choice, without losing the image quality or interfering with the image in the process. You don’t have to worry about wobbling your camera because there is no chance of that either.

3.     Footage can be stabilized in post

Footage naturally looks better if the camera is held literally still when the shot is taken. The only problem is that in more often than not, this is usually not possible. Unfortunately, Zhiyun Crane and other great three-axis stabilizers are usually very expensive. This is definitely where software stabilization comes in. Software stabilizer is built-in feature in most modern editors.

Software stabilization works by literally stretching the image, and therefore, it should always be avoided. 4K source material for 1080p productions will result in the software-stabilization video recording with highest image quality.

So, if you’ve not been shooting videos in 4K, then you have really been missing out on many advantages. If you are in Dallas Texas (USA), then you can always hire Flash Film Media for highest quality video shoots.