How Can my Business Benefit from Aerial Photography and Video?

Aerial photos provide a bird’s eye view of a location. Photographs are taken of the ground surface from inside a spacecraft, aircraft, or rocket. It is also known as aero-photography. There are two types of aerial photos: the direct vertical which provides a linear representation and the oblique horizontal which results in more of a pictorial descriptive image. This term usually refers to air to ground photography, but it can also mean air to air images of aircraft, clouds, and meteorological interests.  

Our aerial photographs are great for a variety of uses for military, government, small and large business, or personal. They provide a view to study the shapes of large sites that are not clear at ground level. It can help businesses in real estate, construction and can help resolve legal issues. Provide clients with great aerial images.

You can purchase aerial photographs of a variety of places. By taking aerial photographs in Dallas, you can capture a great perspective of your real estate, attractions, and special events. High quality color photographs provide a great picture of any landscape. Custom aerial photographs are available for purchase from They can be great gifts for home and businesses.


Types of Aerial Photos

Aerial photography is broken down into two main types, oblique, and vertical configuration. Oblique refers to pictures taken the side of an aircraft and vertical images are taken from directly above the subject being photographed. Vertical aerial photograph is normally used in real estate advertising. The process of taking photographs in the air from an aircraft is called aviation photography, as is taking pictures of aircraft themselves.

Aerial Photography Dallas


The Benefits of an Aerial Photo

Construction agencies and their respective clients are excited to be able to get a sky view of tasks that are currently in progress. From simple aerial images of a roof repair to monthly aerial video updates on the progress for mixed-use development, we can provide high-definition and exceptional aerial imagery to show external and internal investors.

Our clients have experienced that they are able to sell their properties very quickly when the listing includes a fly around sky tour. Even good news – properties tend to sell for higher or full asking price when high-quality aerial videography and aerial photography is included in the listing.

Hotels and resorts, event venues absolutely love our low-altitude filming competences, because it enables them to give their respective customers a different perspective on the location than can be seen from the ground. Our high definition aerial photos/videos are the perfect way to capture your next outdoor event.



Aerial videos for real estate, marketing benefits for the sector

When we go to buy or rent a home, what you look? What are the premises when the decision ?, Do we have enough photographs to decide? ... The answer is not very complicated, often with just a few simple pictures is difficult to make a choice as serious as a home decision. On these occasions we thought, would not it be easier to make aerial video recording showing the interior and exterior of the house? Yes, easier, visual and fast.

In FlashFilmMedia, we do all kinds of projects and all kinds of sectors and / or customers, such as aerial photos/videos for real estate. We know it is a very difficult and complicated industry, so with our photos/videos, we try to improve and protect your brand, give more visibility, show all your projects and try to help them grow in the market.

We offer integrated projects in audiovisual production, with prices adapted to what you need; so you have to not worry about anything.

Aerial videos for real estate: marketing for the sector

Aerial video recording for estates is a powerful marketing tool; they manage to convince the user of an attractive, dynamic and comfortable buying or renting a property. A video reflects the reality of a dwelling, in this way the customer does not have to travel to visit it, you only have to watch the video to decide if that property is your taste or not.

Aerial videos for real estate

Aerial Photography DFW

Many times we find the problem of seeing photographs of a house we love, we will visit and we found a very different reality that the images have shown us. Real estate could avoid such negative by recording aerial videos for each house, in which to teach the most characteristic of it.

Advantages of aerial videos for real estate

A video of a property has a number of very positive features oriented sales, not only for real estate has advantages but also for the customer. Here are the main advantages of videos for real estate:

·       Save time and money to the real estate agent.

·       Option to show extra elements as added value.

·       Multiply the potential of the property.

·       Descriptive means of communication.

·       Real picture of the property.

·       Available for displays that are wanted.

·       Possibility to make this known through various communication channels.

·       Reinforces the brand image of the real estate agency.

·       54% of potential buyers want to see a video before deciding whether or not to buy a property.

·       73% of buyers prefer to do business with agent that uses video marketing.

·       HD quality videos and professional team.

·       High quality but at the price you want.

This type of tool also helps vendors themselves to facilitate their sale trading level. Many times you can wear as a support when customers are going to visit the property or as a reminder to try not to forget housing.




Our methodology We follow the following steps when recording your videos:

Pre-production: our production manager will contact you to develop a briefing on the needs that require your videos so that nothing remains without considering and your videos remain as queries. If necessary our technical team is witnessing at your facility and performs tests of light and sound to make it all perfect. In this step we will create together with you the script will continue to record your video

Production : is the time when our technical team will shoot images and sound to further develop the video in our editing room.

Post-production: mount the pictures recorded on shooting, with voiceovers, and special effects for your aerial video. At all times we will give you your progress to see how it goes running, especially if something is not as you want, change it .

In conclusion, aerial photography and videography is an effective tool for marketing, sales or home rental and which facilitates different and engaging way to get more sales.