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PRESS 1 To ACCEPT - 2017

Jackie, a discharged veteran, is desperate to find work to support her daughter after her job is suddenly outsourced. She accepts the terms and conditions to a mystery job without fully understanding the consequences


Two cash-strapped roommates assume their good karma has come into play when they return a lost camera to its owners and are met with an unexpected reward. One small act of kindness quickly turns into one big mistake when they discover not every good deed goes unpunished.

BANE - 2015

After spending months undercover infiltrating one of Dallas’s most infamous drug operations, Reid has only 12 more hours to find out why his fellow undercover cop, Vic, has stopped communicating with the department. Given the green light from lead Detective James Park to get this resolved by any means necessary, Reid is in a rush against time to get answers and Vic.


When your last choice becomes your only choice...

When Reema finds herself abruptly left with the responsibility of caretaker to her younger siblings and nowhere to turn...Her last choice to make ends meet becomes her only choice. Armed with adrenaline and desperation a crew of unlikely criminals unite to pull off a life changing heist. But what happens when their backs are against the wall, plans go awry and the unthinkable meets them head on?

FIFTY/50 - 2014

Love is about give and take...until someone tips the scale. 

Jefferey,an overly clingy hopeless romantic, gets the boot from his long term girlfriend and is forced to move in with two of his womanizing friends. Determined to find a mate as dedicated as himself he soon falls for the landlords awkwardly attractive daughter.

1 Last Question

An enraged lover becomes convinced his better half is having an affair and purchases a gun with ill intent but when his novice gun handling skills leave him in need of some assistance nothing goes as planned.